Prosecutor Vs Attorney: The Key Differences

Prosecutor Vs Attorney: The Key Differences

Prosecutors and attorneys can both operate in the legal sector but have different roles. This article explores the main differences.  A prosecutor and an attorney are the official names of individuals fully licensed to practice law in a particular jurisdiction. However, while both types of professionals can practice law, the two have key differences. What […]

What Does Litigation Mean in a Personal Injury Case

What Does Litigation Mean in a Personal Injury Case

Litigation is a common legal term used in a personal injury case. Litigation typically refers to a lawsuit or other legal proceeding. It can also refer to the case and expenses associated with a lawsuit, such as attorneys’ fees. As an injured victim in an auto accident, you may receive compensation through a personal injury […]

Owners and Landlords Beware!

Are you a Residential Landowner, Landlord, or Property Management Company? Are you compliant with the most up-to-date Fair Housing Regulations? If not, it could cost you $450,000.00. Recently, a settlement was entered concerning an alleged violation of the Fair Housing Act. This settlement outlines a major area of liability for landlords. If you wish […]

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Bars “No-Hire” Clauses Between Businesses

It is commonplace for businesses to include a “No-Hire” or “Non-Solicitation” provision in its agreement with another business. However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has held that a contractual no-hire or “non poach” provision in a contract between businesses is not enforceable under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Systems, Inc. v. Beemac Trucking, […]

Is A Non-Disparagement Clause in Employment Contracts Enforceable Under New Jersey Law?

BY CHRISTOPHER P. FIORE, ESQUIRE What is a non-disparagement clause and if one is included in an employment contract can it be enforceable? A non-disparagement is a clause which specifically enjoins a departing employee from making any statements that could possibly either harm the employer’s reputation, goodwill or malign the owner. A Non-disparagement clause is […]

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