Owners and Landlords Beware!

Are you a Residential Landowner, Landlord or Property Management Company? Are you compliant with the most up-to-date Fair Housing Regulations?If not, it could cost you $450,000.00. Recently, a settlement was entered concerning an alleged violation of the Fair Housing Act. This settlement outlines a major area of liability for landlords. If you wish for […]

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Bars “No-Hire” Clauses Between Businesses

It is commonplace for businesses to include a “No-Hire” or “Non-Solicitation” provision in its agreement with another business. However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has held that a contractual no-hire or “non poach” provision in a contract between businesses is not enforceable under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Systems, Inc. v. Beemac Trucking, […]

Is A Non-Disparagement Clause in Employment Contracts Enforceable Under New Jersey Law?

BY CHRISTOPHER P. FIORE, ESQUIRE What is a non-disparagement clause and if one is included in an employment contract can it be enforceable? A non-disparagement is a clause which specifically enjoins a departing employee from making any statements that could possibly either harm the employer’s reputation, goodwill or malign the owner. A Non-disparagement clause is […]

Pennsylvania Rule on Calculating Overtime Takes Effect August 5. Are You Ready?

time clock

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry promulgated a new overtime regulation that will take effect on August 5. At first glance, the rule appears to merely prohibit the “fluctuating workweek” method of calculating overtime for salaried nonexempt employees. In fact, the rule radically changes the overtime calculations for all nonexempt employees – including those […]

What Does Child Support Cover?

Child support is there to ensure that both parents support their child financially regardless of their relationship. Whether a couple remains friendly or moves far apart from each other, both parents have a duty to provide for their child. But what exactly does child support cover and who decides what the funds are used for? […]

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