Steps to Change Your Name After Divorce

Steps to Change Your Name After Divorce

Many people understandably want to change their name after a divorce. You do not need to explain the reason for the name change. For most divorcees, part of the motivation for a name change is to regain their identity and independence and remove the name that symbolically ties them to their ex-spouse. Whatever the reason, […]

A New Pennsylvania Law Is Making It More Important to Have a DUI Defense Attorney

woman taking car key

Did you know the DUI laws in Pennsylvania are changing? On October 24, 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 961 (SB 961) into law, increasing the penalties for driving under the influence. Here’s what you need to know about these new penalties, and how they could affect people charged with a DUI. How Does […]

Will 2018 Break Thanksgiving DUI Numbers? We Take a Close Look at the Numbers

whiskey with car keys

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel weeks in Pennsylvania. But did you know that it is also an active period for drunk drivers? Police usually come out in force to prevent a surge in drunk driving crashes, but 2018 could be different than most years. Why Thanksgiving DUI Enforcement Will Go Up in 2018 […]

What are the Consequences of a DUI in Pennsylvania?

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be planning your costume for a big Halloween bash or picking out the bars you are going to visit with friends. Have you planned a safe way home at the end of the night? The last thing you need is a DUI on your record. In Pennsylvania, […]

What to Do if You’re Charged with a DUI on Labor Day Weekend

vehicle accident

Labor Day Weekend is a weekend full of special events with family, friends and celebrations to commemorate the end of summer. However, like other holiday weekends during the year, many people will be drinking alcoholic beverages and putting themselves and others at risk while driving. Law enforcement will be on high alert during this three-day […]

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