What’s the Difference Between Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts?

Trusts are legal documents used in the estate planning process, and they are held in a fiduciary relationship by one party for the benefit of another party. A trust can be created during a person’s lifetime and survive after death, or it can be created by a will and carried on after death. Any assets […]

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How Do I Adopt a Child In Pennsylvania?

family photo

Every state has its own unique set of procedures and guidelines when it comes to child adoption. Families in Pennsylvania that are interested in adoption should be aware of the required documents, costs, and preparations involved in the adoption process. Pennsylvania courts take this series of actions seriously, and your family should too if you’re […]

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How Do Horses Relate to DUIs in Pennsylvania?

Whiskey with car keys and handcuffs concept for drinking and driving

What do a 53-year-old Florida woman and a 19-year-old Amish teen from Pennsylvania have in common? Besides the most interesting first line to a joke, these two seemingly unrelated people got caught up in rare aspects of drunk driving law you may not have been aware of. And when it comes to the serious nature […]

When Defective Fire Extinguishers Take Lives

Around 2:30 am, a young man from West Chester, Pennsylvania was driving near a local university when his car suddenly veered off road where it hit a tree and burst into flames. First responders were on the scene within around five minutes. As rescuers struggled to remove the man from the car, they tried to […]

What Are the 3 Types of Distractions that Causes Distracted Driving Crashes?


Did you know that there are three different types of driving distractions? Visual distractions make you look away from the road. Manual distractions occupy your hands and force you to release the steering wheel. Cognitive distractions are things that steer your mind away from the task of driving safely. It’s easy to understand how these […]

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