Do I Need a DUI Defense Lawyer?

Minimizing Consequences, Minimizing Long-Term Cost

If you are asking yourself, “Do I need a DUI attorney?” you are already in a difficult position. You’ve been arrested. You probably know that you may face a lengthy license suspension, substantial fines and some jail time. You are probably afraid that your insurance company will raise your rates sky-high or drop your policy altogether.

At the law firm of Fiore & Barber, LLC, our accomplished team of lawyers has a proven record of success in DUI cases. We know the system. More importantly, we know how the people in the system — the police officers, the district attorneys, the district court judges — operate. We are experienced at designing defense strategies to give our clients the best chance of avoiding the serious consequences of a DUI conviction.

If I am guilty, why do I need a DUI attorney?

Innocence plays only a small part in your defense. Even if you are guilty of driving drunk, you still need a defense team to present your situation and the facts of your case to the district attorney and the judge in the best light possible to attempt to reduce the penalty you are facing. Furthermore, there may be technical legal issues with your stop, arrest, and/or blood test that may make it difficult for the district attorney to prove your guilt. The criminal justice system is full of pitfalls that can trap an unrepresented person. We can help you avoid those and at a reasonable rate. Lastly, you may want an attorney to explain the entire process.

But how much will it cost to hire a DUI attorney?

At Fiore & Barber, LLC, we believe that a strong, experienced and aggressive defense should be available at a reasonable rate. And when you consider the fact that we routinely obtain a reduction in DUI penalties to a level that is half or even a third of the maximum you may face, the long-term cost of not having an attorney can exceed the amount you may spend on legal fees.

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We understand the fear and frustration you feel after being arrested for DUI. The lawyers at Fiore & Barber, LLC remain straightforward and honest with you, giving you practical advice and diligent defense to help you throughout the process. Call us today at 215-256-0205 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. Our hours are flexible to meet your needs.

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