How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record

How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record

Driving while you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in Pennsylvania and every other state in America. If you are pulled over and are found to be DUI, you might be wondering what happens next.

You’ll undoubtedly have many questions, one of which will be, how long does a DUI stay on your record? The following explains more about a DUI from a legal standpoint, and explores the question of how long a DUI stays on your driving record and what to do about it.

What Is DUI?

How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record

DUI is an acronym for “driving under the influence” and refers to the offense of operating, driving, or controlling a vehicle if you’re impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Alcohol DUI

In Pennsylvania, the current legal limit for BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is 0.08%.  It used to be 0.10%, but it was lowered to 0.08% many years ago by the 2003 Act 24.

If you get pulled over by the police and provide a specimen for their breathalyzer, you won’t get arrested and charged if your BAC is 0.08% or less. It’s worth noting that alcohol can still remain in your blood the next day, albeit at lower BAC levels.

Drug DUI

If you have consumed a “controlled substance” (i.e., drugs), the state of Pennsylvania will typically apply the harshest penalties to people charged with drug DUI.

Citizens who refuse to provide a breathalyzer sample or agree to a chemical test automatically are subject to the same high penalties.

What Happens When You Get Charged With DUI?

How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record

If you get charged with a DUI offense, whether it’s impairment due to alcohol or drugs, the penalties you could potentially receive if convicted will depend on several factors.

For example, they can depend on whether it’s your first DUI charge/conviction or not, the severity of your DUI, and whether there were any extenuating circumstances surrounding your impairment.

No Prior DUI Offenses

If it’s your first offense, you can expect to get classed as an ungraded misdemeanor, which is less severe than a felony offense.

An undetermined BAC or 0.08% to 0.099% could result in up to six months probation, a $300 fine, and treatment; this is known as a “General Impairment” penalty.

If you’ve got a BAC of 0.10% to 0.159%, your license could be suspended for 12 months, and you could face anything from 48 hours to six months in prison. You’d also have to pay a fine of between $500 and $5,000, and this is known as a High BAC penalty.

Additionally, if you have a BAC of 0.16% or higher, the highest BAC penalty will apply. That means 72 hours to 6 months in prison and a $1,000 to $5,000 fine.

1+ Prior DUI Offenses

As you can imagine, the penalties are harsher still if you’ve got a previous conviction for DUI on your criminal record.

For example, you could spend between five days and five years in prison, a driving license suspension of up to 18 months, and in some cases, a 12-month ignition interlock on your vehicle.

How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Criminal Record?

How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record
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There are many disadvantages to having a criminal record. For example, it can affect your ability to get a job, obtain finance, buy a house and even volunteer within the community. That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid having a criminal record.

Unfortunately, circumstances can mean that it isn’t always possible. If you get a criminal record due to a DUI conviction, you can expect it to remain active for ten years.

If you get charged with a DUI offense, the only way to avoid a criminal record is by having the proper legal representation that can successfully challenge the charge and eliminate it in court.

What Can You Do About A DUI?

Getting charged with a DUI conviction doesn’t mean you should assume the worst. At Fiore & Barber, LLC, our lawyers can help eliminate or minimize the severity of any DUI charges.

We’ve worked with thousands of DUI cases in PA, ranging from first-offense DUIs to felony cases involving prior drunk-driving convictions. Our expert team has a distinguished record of success in DUI cases.

If you’d like some practical advice and a robust defense, contact us today at 215-256-0205 or email us for a free consultation.

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